528 vs 14

If you were to see a sports score of 528 to 14 would you say the team were evenly matched?  I would think one side had a clear advantage.  I started putting a time line together to show when things happened leading up to the zoning hearing and vote.  Check out the Warehouse Time Line on the blog.  I will add to this as I have time and as I dig up more information.

The earliest date that I found was on the Engineering sight plan 12/14/2014.  That is 528 days before the meeting.  I know engineers and they don’t tend to be the most proactive group but I do assume that the sight plan was not done is just one day.  I suspect that the the warehouse plans were in motion long before December of 2014 but that is the earliest date that I was able to find so I am going with it.  The warehouse team had at the minimum 528 days to prepare for the zoning hearing and the public notices went up just 14 days before the hearing.

The citizens of West Pennsboro Township were steam rolled by a warehouse developer.  The West Pennsboro Township Supervisors should have stood up for the people they represent but they chose to ignore the people.

We need to organize.  A small group is forming and slowly expanding.  Please contact me if you are interested in joining the fight.




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