87 Percent

87% of the residents of West Pennsboro Township are opposed to warehouses next to residents.  This is an overwhelming majority of the people yet the supervisors still voted to rezone 130 acres.

How did I get 87%?  According to the West Pennsboro Township Comprehensive Plan 87% of the residents think restrictions should be placed on the amount and type of business or industrial uses which may be permitted to locate in close proximity to residential uses.  I read this as 87% of the people are opposed to warehouses being located next to residents.

This comprehensive plan was published in September 1991.  Is this outdated?  I say yes however it may still be accurate because  I have still not found anyone that wants another warehouse in the area.  It is sad that I had to go back to 1991 to get this statistic.  I think it is time that West Pennsboro Township update its planning.  I am not alone in this thought, the Cumberland County Planning Commission agrees with me.  This is from the last ordinance review:

“The West Pennsboro Township Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors should strongly consider engaging regional partners in an update to the Western Cumberland County Comprehensive Plan.”

The Western Cumberland County Comprehensive Plan is nearly 10 years old and may no longer represent the current vision of the region.

For more details check out comment #5 from the Bear Farm Rezoning.

I have been in contact with one of the authors of the 1991 West Pennsboro Township Comprehensive Plan.  This person is not happy with the current action of the Township Supervisors.

Who agrees with me?  Should the Comprehensive Plan be updated? Is anyone willing to get involved with a project like this?

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