Bear Farm Recap

The Bear Farm is located on the western edge of West Pennsboro Township on Barnstable Road.  The farm consists of over 170 acres that is currently zoned for Agricultural use.  Here is the time line as far as I know.

  • August 9th  —  West Pennsboro Township received an application to rezone the farm to Low Density Residential (R1) to allow for cluster residential development.  The PROPOSED plan shows 200 housing units including “work force” housing.
  • August 22nd  —  West Pennsboro Township Supervisors reviewed the application and passed it on to the Township Planning Commission, the Western Cumberland Council of Government (WCCoG) and the Cumberland County County Planning Commission.
  • August 23rd  —  Cumberland County Planning  Department received the request including the proposed map.  This link shows the documents.  The first 7 pages related to the Bear Farm re-zoning
  • August 25th  —  West Pennsboro Planning Commission reviewed the application at their regular meeting.  No decision was taken at this time.
  • September 12th  — WCCoG met   — I assume they reviewed the the application and made a recommendation however I was not there and don’t have anymore information.
  • September  15th  —  Cumberland County Planning commission met and reviewed the application.  The commission voted to RECOMMEND the re-zoning.  The vote was not unanimous.  I attended this meeting and have notes for a future blog post.

The application will go back to the Western Pennsboro Township Planning Commission on Thursday Night (August 22nd) at 6:00.  I plan on attending that meeting.  If you have an opinion on this re-zoning please attend the meeting.


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