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I have been having spam issues with comments to the blog.  The blog is set up so I need to approve comments before they are posted.  I have been getting 3 or 4 comments a day explaining what I need to do to make the blog go viral or trying to sell running shoes.  It is my goal that if someone wants to be heard here I will give them the opportunity however it is getting difficult to find the few real comments in the spam.  To hopefully prevent spam I added some new software.  Please contact me if you are having any issues commenting.  My e-mail is on the contact tab.

Also if you have WordPress experience and want to volunteer some time please contact me.  I will not turn down help.

Comments 2

  • I commented on one article and received the message “conflict” when I tried to comment on the candy analogy.

    • Hello, I just approved two comments. I don’t know what the “conflict” message was about. I think the comment went through. I am just learning blogging out of necessity with the re-zoning. If something is still wrong please contact me.

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