I have not yet begun to fight

As a former sailor (ET2(SS) Smith, Karl)  I am choosing to quote John Paul Jones – “I have not yet begun to fight”

The West Pennsboro Township Supervisors voted to re-zone tonight.  The vote was unanimous to rezone.

Supervisors at Zoning Vote

Re-zoning is the first step to allow Allen Distribution to build two warehouses in a residential area.  The board just contradicted the West Pennsboro Planning Commission and the wishes of the citizens that took the time to show up for the re-zoning meetings.  I personally hope none of them get re-elected.

Like I said re-zoning is the first step. Warehouses are a conditional use under industrial zoning.  To build conditional use will need to be obtained.  So if you are opposed to more warehouses and supervisors going against the will of the public this is good news.  Here is come more good new, Allen Distribution will also need access through North Middleton Township.   If you live in North Middleton Township please contact your supervisors and let them know how you feel.  There are also many other questions to be answered, for example will the warehouse be disturbing wetlands.  Also, what will happen to the John Myers family cemetery located at the site.

I apologize that the scope of the page has change from a looking glass into the actions of local government to a fight against another warehouse in Carlisle.  If you don’t like where I am taking this please feel free to contribute opposing views in a positive way or just stop following.

The bad news is a lot of action will be needed to continue the fight.  Along with that action is a monetary cost.  Please contact me if you can help in any way.  I will be adding information here or to the facebook group as I have updates.

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