Is the fight over? NO!

The DECISION the supervisors took on Monday night was just that a decision they made against the will of the citizens.  There was no obligation for the supervisors to re-zone.  I can’t begin to understand why they sided with Allen Distribution’s application.  Does this mean a warehouse will be built on the Bock/Shover property?  NO!

Re-Zoning is thhurdle-576058__180e first hurdle in a long series of hurdles before construction can begin.  Also this this decision has been under appeal from the first time the supervisors tied to do this.  I believe the appeal is still valid especially since all the concerns were not addressed.  The supervisors had other options on Monday night.  The could have said no or at a minimum they could have slowed down the process and answered our questions and concerns.  They could also have ordered independent studies to ensure safety concerns are being met.

For a moment let’s assume they get past the procedural appeal then they need to get over more hurdles.  To the best of my understanding these the next hurdles.

  1. Getting past the zoning hearing board.
  2. Getting agreement from North Middleton Township.
  3. The process of getting conditional use to have a warehouse on industrial land.
  4. The last hurdle will be the land development plan.

Basically there are a lot of hurdles that still need to be jumped before the applicant gets to build a warehouse.  With all these steps it should be easy for the residents to stand together and stop this.  I say should be easy but I don’t believe that after Monday night.  I believe the supervisors have made up their minds so stopping this wont be easy especially if we don’t organize and stand together.  Remember this is not a done deal and we have many opportunities to be heard again before ground is broken.

I do believe it is time that people stand up and take back our government.  19 people stood up on Monday night.  Unfortunately the supervisors did not listen but eventually they will be replaced by supervisors that will listen and do the right thing for ALL the residents of West Pennsboro Township and not make decision so a select few can profit.

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