Tomorrow morning the Cumberland County Planning Commission will be holding its monthly meeting. There are no West Pennsboro Township items on the agenda.  I will not be able to attend this meeting.

Tomorrow night the West Pennsboro Township Planning Commission will meet. They have two agenda items.  The first is track and field development in the Big Spring School District.  The second is the rezoning of the Bear Farm.  I am familiar with the Bear farm request however I have no idea what is happening with the school.  Here is the agenda.  I will be attending this meeting.

On Monday the 24th the West Pennsboro Township Supervisors will be holding a public hearing for the re-zoning of the Bock/Shover Properties.  I have covered that in detail over the last few months.  There is no agenda posted at this time for the meeting.  I assume it will be the public hearing followed by some other agenda items and the monthly business.  Please contact me if you have any questions about this re-zoning.  I think it goes without saying that I will be attending this meeting.

The next Big Spring School Board meeting is on November 7th.  I am not currently following the happening at the School Board Meeting however after the re-zoning in West Pennsboro Township is over I plan on following the School Board.  If anyone is interested in attending the school board meeting and posting here please let me know.

This blog was started to follow the actions of West Pennsboro Township however the focus turned to holding West Pennsboro Township accountable. My hope is that eventually I will be able to start a new website to report on local government in general and give citizens the knowledge needed to stay informed.

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