Ordnance 2016-02 was signed

The Supervisors signed Ordnance 2016-02 at tonight’s meeting.  The public was allowed to talk tonight however it was clear that the supervisors were not listening. Especially when one resident said thank you at the end of hSupervisors 20160725is statement and a supervisor didn’t even realize the resident finished speaking.

I can’t remember a clear answer to any of the questions that were asked.  I was also not reassured with the extensive research that Mr. Barrick did by driving Interstate 81 from New York to Tennessee only to determine that Pennsylvania exit 44 was the best exit for another warehouse.

Please remember that by signing the Supervisors just started a long process.  We will be appealing and fighting this decision.   Please keep checking back for updates.  I will be asking for all kinds of help in the days and weeks to come.  Keep telling your neighbors and friends.  The more people that are standing in opposition to the decision the easier the fight will be.

Contact me if you want to get involved, stay informed or have any information or ideas.

Thank you,


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