Petition, Faces and Decision


We obtained legal council today.  Now is the time to really get the word out.  I now have a  petition in opposition to the re-zoning.  If you can print this and get signatures this could have a major impact on the decision.  I will be going door to door tomorrow if you see me walking 641 honk and wave.  If you want to sign please let me know we are thinking about holding a meet up somewhere tomorrow.  If you have a business or know a business that that is willing to collect signatures please get them a petition.


It is also very important to get faces at the meeting.  Before moving here I sat in many public meetings with no citizen attendance.  The Supervisors need to see all the faces of the people that oppose this re-zoning.  Let’s send a clear message that we do not want this and we will not sit by and let this happen.  The meeting is May 25th at 6:00 at the Plainfield Fire Company.


Let me emphasize this is a decision of the West Pennsboro Township Supervisors.  If the vote is no this is over.  Without zoning this will not go through.

Spread the word.

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