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A neighbor told me the fields across the street from my house may be rezoned so ware houses could be built and there will be a meeting on May 25th.  I started researching from there.  I started with the planning commissions meeting minutes.

This is from the planning commission’s last meeting minutes (March 24th)

Solicitor Fishman advised that the Board of Supervisors and the Township Staff, together with the Engineer and Solicitor have been reviewing the Zoning Ordinance over the past 6 month in an effort to make the ordinance more “user friendly” and assuring that the Township continues to maintain its rural uses and characterNo change to the Official Zoning Map has been proposed.

Solicitor Fishman discussed with the Board the changes recommended by the Cumberland County Planning Commission and any changes the Supervisors and the staff have made.

The Commission unanimously approved the draft Zoning Ordinance as presented and sent it on to the Board of Supervisors to conduct a public hearing and take further action as the Board deems appropriate.

Then I found this under new business from the Board of Supervisors (March 28th):

Introduction/Acknowledge Receipt of Re-Zoning Application for Property located at 1617 Newville Road (William & Valerie Bock)(Parcel #1), 1525 Newville Road (Alan Shover) (Parcel #2) by Allen Distribution (Accept & Refer to Planning Commission)

On a Barrick/Adler motion, the Board unanimously accepted the Re-Zoning Application for Allen Distribution and directed the staff to forward copies to the County Planning Commission and the Township and the Township Planning Commission for their comments.

I am assuming the because the Supervisor’s accepted the Re-Zoning Application they are for the rezoning.  It seems to me that they could have rejected the application based this does not appear to align with direction set by the Planning Commission just 4 days earlier.

I contacted the Cumberland County Planning Commission and learned that the county found this was Not Consistent with the county plan however it was Consistent with Municipal Comprehensive Plan.  I have not yet been able to locate the Municipal Comprehensive Plan.  To me with the planning committee recommending no changes to the zoning map this does not appear to be consistent with the West Pennsboro plan.

The Zoning Map Amendment Hearing is on March 25th at 6:00 at the West Pennsboro Volunteer Fire Company, 20 Park Road, Plainfield PA.

I view this as spot zoning since this would create an industrial zone with Residential to the South, West and part of the North.  The other part of the North is Agricultural.  The area to the East in in North Middleton Township and zoned Neighborhood Commercial.  The properties are located between Newville Road (Rt 641) and the Pa Turnpike with Meadow Brook Road to the East.  The Meadow Brook road houses already have warehouses across the street.,+Carlisle,+PA+17015/@40.2044805,-77.2572643,1390m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x89c91ef079e36549:0x9a31ac6a054372e1!8m2!3d40.201263!4d-77.249835

I am doing everything I can to inform the people of West Pennsboro Township and the general area.  Tonight I am working of a flyer for the neighborhood and a YouTube channel.  So far I have created a FaceBook Group, Website and new e-mail address.

Facebook – West Pennsboro Township Oversight Group

Web – – (West Pennsboro Township Oversight Blog)

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