Recap of Bock/Shover Farm

I started this blog on May 14th after I learned about the Public Hearing for the Bock/Shover property re-zoning.  I live across the street from the proposed re-zoning of 130 acres from High Density Residential (R2) to Industrial (I) to allow for almost 1,500,000 square feet of warehouses.   I started the West Pennsboro Township Oversight Group on Facebook at the same time.  My initial idea was to inform people about what was happening in West Pennsboro Township however this changed when I realized that Allen Distribution had over a year’s worth of preparation and a team backing up the request.  After attending township meetings on this topic and others I also realized the Supervisors appear to be acting independently of any input from residents of the Township.  I am now using this blog as a call to action in opposition to a warehouse re-zoning as well as informing people about the happenings in West Pennsboro Township.

On Monday night at the monthly Supervisor meeting Allen Distribution will be asking to hold the public hearings for the re-zoning again.  I don’t know what they hope to gain from this action.  It will be interesting to hear what the Supervisors have to say especially since Mr. Barrick thinks it is the public’s problem if they are not aware. He also thinks “these people had three-and-a-half hours”.  Please don’t take my word for it check out this Sentinel Article.  The way I see it Mr. Barrick will be saying there is no need for any further hearings.  Come to the the meeting to see what is happening in West Pennsboro Township.

To bring everyone up to date the Supervisors voted to approve the Bock/Shover re-zoning on be half of Allen Distribution after clear opposition from the public.  The first vote was to advertise the new ordinance.  At the next meeting they voted to accept the Ordinance.  After the ordinance was accepted myself and a small group of residents appealed the decision with the help of Attorney Nathan Wolf.  Currently the decision by the Supervisors to rezone has been appealed to the Cumberland County Court System.  I am confidant that the appeal will go through because the board of supervisors has a history of making bad decisions that are overturned.

Please share this blog with anyone that may have any interest in West Pennsboro Township.  Also please contact me if you have any questions, suggestions or if you can help in anyway.

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