Representatives? Not in my opinion

I updated some links on the reference tab tonight.  I have been reading through meeting minutes.  What a joke!  People claim things but I can’t back them up.  I have been trying to compare meeting minutes for the different organizations that are involved in the possible warehouse project but the information does not add up.  At this point I am trying to assume that when elected officials made a statement they are true; however  this is becoming very difficult because I can’t access the information the backs up the claims.  Did group “A” really agree to the plans of group “B” and confer with Group “C”?  Or did group “A” just say they did something knowing that it is impossible for “those people” to figure out what really happened.

Local government really needs to become transparent.  If not people with money and knowledge of the system can come in and force their will on the people.  At this time I am trying  to believe that local elected official are in-compliant and being taken advantage of.  If I don’t believe that then I need to believe that the people that represent me are corrupt and being compensated to do the will of the organization that has money.

I am finding so many issues with the information that was presented that I may become physically ill.

To top it all off very few of the people or organizations have any kind of contact information.   I don’t even know how to contact people to confirm information.


I will keep digging and providing information and providing my contact information.

Thank you

Karl Smith —–

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