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I am making a plea for help.  The zoning change still needs to be finalized.  The last meeting was to establish an ordnance now the ordnance needs to be approved.  I believe this will happen at the next Supervisor meeting on July 25th at 6:00.  This has not been posted on the Township website yet.

I can use help in a lot of areas.  There will be legal costs going forward that my wife and I can not afford with out help.  I set up a checking account to be used only to opposed the re-zoning.  I am trying to figure out a better way to handle the finances.  For now if anyone is willing to donate to continue this fight please contact me.  My e-mail address it  My current thoughts are to set up a non profit to oppose the re-zoning and help others that are that have similar issues.  This will take some time and the process is moving quickly.

I am looking for help in the following areas:

  • Contacting people that attended prior meetings
  • Getting people to attend meetings
  • Research genealogy
  • Financial support
  • Graphic Artist
  • WordPress help
  • Non-profit experience – setting up and/or running
  • Fund Raising
  • Deed research
  • Identifying relationships between the people involved
  • Going door to door to inform neighbors and get support

If you can help or know someone that can help please contact me.

Please remember this is not just a West Pennsboro Township issue.  This is western Cumberland County issue.  This is also an issue of elected official not listening to the citizens the represent.  The only way to change government is to get involved.  Right now a few people are imposing their will on others.

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  • […] Unfortunately it looks like the West Pennsboro Township Supervisors will not listen to the people they represent.  I have asked for an explanation of the decision and received no response.  It looks like we will need to appeal the decision.  An appeal will take a lot of effort.  I am working on forming a core group to lead the fight however this will take a lot of people.  If you are interested in joining a core group please contact me.  If you are unsure about what help I am looking for please read the Request for Help post. […]

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