Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made. Otto von Bismarck

I am now thinking the same applies to local government.  The more I dig and research the more I find that disgusts me.  The deck is stacked against the citizens when a well organized company wants to walk all over them with the support of elected officials.  They know the rules, how to move fast and they have resources beyond that of a citizen.  The problem is they move too fast and assume no one is watching.

We are watching.  I am receiving many offers for help.  People are providing information and other resources.  We are organizing and preparing for the next step.

Just remember if you think the re-zoning is a done deal the West Pennsboro Board of Supervisors has a history of making bad decisions that are overturned.

I am finding more and more inconsistencies with the information the more I look.

If you can help in anyway please contact me.

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