Thank You

The last 24 hours have been a whirl wind.  After the vote last night I meet a lot of very nice people in the parking lot.  I collected a few names and gave my information to a lot of people.  Today offers of help started coming in.  We will be working to organize a meeting to discuss the next move.  We will also need to start fund raising.  There are a lot of step that need to happen before a warehouse can be built.  At this point it is not even clear to me if the re-zoning is a done deal.  Based on this Sentinel article the ordinance will now be advertised.  This may mean the zoning change is not complete yet.  I am looking into the details on that.

Please note that according to the West Pennsboro Township Zoning Ordnance section 220.3 (page 80) warehousing is a conditional use under Industrial zoning.  Obtaining conditional use is a process that will involve many chances for the public to have input.

For tonight I am staying positive that this is not a done deal.  A lot of things still need to happen before Allen Distribution can move forward.

Thank you once again for all the support.  I will be making phone calls over the next we days.  If you want to help in anyway please contact me.  Please keep spreading the word.  I will try to post here daily.

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