Western Cumberland County Warehouse Data – Built, Vacant, and Planned

Prepared by Ed Franco , Citizen’s Group efranco99@comcast.net

Method: A comprehensive spreadsheet of warehouses and distribution centers was created using real estate advertisements, tax records, and google earth. In some situations a site visit was used to confirm the construction or occupancy of specific warehouses.

Warehouses in the following  western Cumberland County townships were selected:

North Middleton Township; South Middleton Township; Carlisle Borough third and fourth annex ; Dickinson Township; West Pennsboro Township; and Penn Township. A summary of the data is below, and the complete spread sheet is available upon request. Click here for a detailed map of Cumberland County warehouses.

Results:   As of 1/15/2017 the following data is believed to be accurate and correct.

Constructed and Occupied

There are 21,422,803 sq. feet of occupied warehouse and distribution space in the above 5 townships and western Carlisle Borough.

Constructed  and Vacant

Within the immediate vicinity of Exit 44 (Allen Road), there are six newly constructed vacant warehouses that are being advertised for Lease.  Some of these warehouses were constructed in 2015 and some were completed in 2016. There are a total of 3,704,270 square feet of vacant space available for lease in these six buildings.  This vacant space represents 14.70 % of the total of 25,127,073 already constructed space.

Planned, in development      

 A total of an additional 7,974,748 sq. ft. of warehouse construction is in the planning process in areas that are zoned Industrial or have recently been rezoned Industrial. Four projects in West Pennsboro township total 3,354,080 sq. ft; three projects in Penn Township total 3,681,840 sq. ft. and 1 project at Exit 44 spans Dickinson, South Middleton and Carlisle Borough and will total an additional 938,828 sq. ft.

Zoned for Industrial but not yet planned

 On Ritner Highway west of the Rte. 11 and 233 intersection there are two additional parcels that total 200 acres that are zoned for industrial development (West Pennsboro), but apparently are not yet in the planning phase, and one additional 85 acre industrial zone opposite 801 Centerville Road (Penn Township). Based on other projects, we project that these 285 additional acres would result in at least another 2,850,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space when developed.


Commercial Real Estate Advertisements, zoning maps, and the footprint of existing warehouses in the Exit 44 area indicate that the area is approaching total saturation and buildout. The fact that 14.70 % of the constructed warehouses are vacant should be a major concern for townships, planners, and the community.

Both West Pennsboro township and Penn township are in the planning stages of adding another 7.9 million square feet and potentially an additional 2.8 million square feet based on current zoning primarily around Exit 37.

If and when this additional buildout occurs it will result in a total of 35,951,821 Sq. ft. of warehouse space which represents a 30 % increase over the existing constructed warehouses in our study area, adding directly to the traffic, poor air quality, and quite likely the vacancy rate.

West Pennsboro and Penn township still have the opportunity to mitigate the impact of this development as well as the opportunity to encourage a wider variety of industrial / commercial uses on these properties. While it is highly unlikely that there is the political will to reverse the zoning on these properties, it might be possible to work with motivated land owners to preserve their farmland.

Citizens should demand a commitment from their township supervisors to not zone or re zone any additional lands for Industrial Warehouse development. Citizens should both advocate for and insure that any new development uses Best Management Practices related to lighting, sound, air, and water quality. Through education and advocacy, townships should implement additional ordinances related to industrial development to preserve the rights of it’s citizens to clean air , clean water and quality of life.


Summary of warehouses in western Cumberland County

Constructed and Occupied 
Carlise, NM,SM Dick, West Penn, Penn 21,422,803
Constructed Vacant For Lease
1999 Ritner Hwy Carlisle, Pa. Multiple 2016 1,007,870
221 Allen Rd. Carlisle, Pa. West Penn 2015 1,029,600
1495 Dennison Carlisle, Pa. Dickinson 2015 620,000
1 Ames Drive Carlisle, Pa. South Midd 260,000
5 Logistics Drive Carlisle, Pa. South Midd 204,800
45 Logistics Drive Carlisle, Pa. South Midd 582,000
Vacant Total Square Footage 3,704,270
Total Constructed  Sq. Ft. 25,127,073 Vacancy: 14.70%
Planned in Development
1525 Newville Rd. Boch/Shover , West Penn 1,440,000
217 Allen Rd. Carlisle,  West Penn 398,840
3419 Ritner Newville, West Penn 1,215,240
3455 Ritner Newville, West Penn 300,000
West Pennsboro 3,354,080
1899 Walnut Bottom Newville, Penn Twp 2,166,600
801 Centerville Rd. Newville, Penn Twp 1,215,240
5 Penn Drive Newville, Penn Twp 300,000
Penn Township 3,681,840
381 Allen Road Carlisle,  South Midd. 938,828
Planned Total Square Footage 7,974,748
Total Leased, Vacant, and Planned    33,101,821
Zoned But Not yet Planned ?
801 A Centerville(west)             Penn 85 Acres
Ritner Hwy West Penn 104 Acres
Ritner Hwy West Penn 96 Acres
285 Acres Approx 2,850,000 Sq ft
Total Build Out of All Planned and Zoned Warehouses  35,951,821

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  • Just a heads up to anyone considering leasing the warehouse at 3419 Ritner Highway.

    You are very likely to get hit with a LAWSUIT for noise violations and nuisance very soon after taking up occupancy.

    This warehouse was built TOO CLOSE to existing homes, with no noise barrier.

    Residents are prepared to take legal action to shut down any and all night activity at this warehouse.

    “Buyer” beware!

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