Who runs West Pennsboro Township?

This post is in response to a question raised in the Facebook group.

Who runs the day to day operations for the Township?” – Tom Runabout

This seems like a very simple question and the quick simple answer is probably the Director of Operations. My confusion is because we have one person with the following titles:
– Director of Operations
– Authority Supervisor of Operations
– Zoning Office
– Code Enforcement Officer
Resource: West Pensboro Township about staff page

The following will document my research as I try to find an answer. I will attempt to have links to all my resources.

The book answer is: “One of the primary responsibilities of the board of supervisors is the oversight of the day-to-day operations of the township“. Most townships hire employees and delegate responsibilities. The goal is to “hire highly qualified individuals for these critical positions and let them perform their jobs, while requiring accountability to the board“. So the supervisors have the responsibility to run the township and can delicate that responsibility and require accountability. The question still remains who (or at least what job title) is actively running the daily operations in West Pennsboro.
Reference: Township Supervisor’s Handbook

After reading through the IV. Executive Role: Personnel, Boards and Commissions section of the Township Supervisor’s Handbook I have more questions then answers. Normally townships appoint a secretary and treasurer to take care of the day-to-day business. The board is responsible to ensure efficient and effective business. Then as townships grow they appoint a township manager for oversight of the day-to-day business and coordinate with committees and boards, and manage employees.

From what I understand West Pennsboro had a Township Manager in the past however, I don’t know why the position went away. The titles I am finding in the Township Supervisor’s Handbook don’t match what I am finding on the township website staff page. It appears that West Pennsboro doesn’t align directly with the Township Supervisor’s Handbook so I am assuming they covering the same responsibilities but just using different titles. Again this brings up more questions like how do the job descriptions line up with the responsibilities and daily operations. At this point my assumption is the Director of Operations is the person that is running the township’s day-to-day business.

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