Zoning Hearing Board – Alternate Members

For those of you that do not know, a zoning hearing board is a quasi-judicial body that renders decisions on specific types of land use appeals among other things. This is important because we are appealing to the zoning hearing board for a decision on the validity of the Bock/Shover warehouse re-zoning. The West Pennsboro Township zoning hearing board is made up of three members. It is possible two zoning hearing board members will recuse themselves from this appeal. If this happens the West Pennsboro Township Supervisors will be appointing alternate members.

It is possible that the supervisors will take action on this at tomorrow night’s Supervisor meeting (February 27th). To ensure that a variety of people are available if alternates are picked please consider calling the West Pennsboro Township office (717-243-8220) tomorrow and adding your name to the list of people that would be willing to act as an alternate board member.

Please consider attending the meeting tomorrow if only to see what is happening in West Pennsboro Township. The meeting will be at the Township Building 2150 Newville Road, Carlisle, PA, 17015 at 6:00pm.

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