Zoning Map Amendment Hearing

If you are not familiar with this location it is on Newville Road (RT 641) between Plainfield and Carlisle.  These are the fields between Newville Road and the Turnpike. Google Map Link

This will change the zoning from Residential to Industrial next to about 47 other properties and involve over 100 acres.

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This is from the Township website:

The West Pennsboro Township Board of Supervisors has scheduled a Zoning Map Amendment Hearing for Wednesday, May 25, 2016, at 6:00 PM and will take place at the West Pennsboro Volunteer Fire Company, 20 Park Road, Plainfield, PA for consideration of an application for Allen Distribution, 1532 Commerce Avenue, Carlisle, PA. Applicant is requesting a Zoning Map Amendment for the following two properties: 1617 Newville Road, Carlisle, (William P. & Valerie A. Bock) and 1525 Newville Road, Carlisle, (Alan D. Shover). Request that both tracts of land be rezoned from Residential 2 Zone (R-2) to Industrial Zone (I) to allow the construction of two warehouse distribution centers.

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  • We do not want any more truck traffic along Newville Rd. than we already have! Not only is more truck traffic creating more danger in driving, but the loss of ability of families to live along the road makes me think the day will come when driving from Carlisle to Newville will be like navigating through an industrial center. No changes in zoning should take place!

  • We live right across the road from these parcels and are opposed. The night of the meeting we cannot attend due to a baccalaureate service. Please let our opinion be voiced.

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